Monday, January 26, 2009

Emily: Carolyn Quartermaine

These images are from the French home of designer Carolyn Quartermaine as seen in Vogue Living Australia, which costs me a fortune but is worth every penny. I love how feminine and serene her home is without having a "shabby chic" (or as my mom call is "sh*tty chic"...) look or feel. And that pink plastic tray on top of the Saarinen table reminds me of my childhood and the sweet smell of pink plastic goodies from the Sanrio store (before Hello Kitty items were sold at Target - wait...also before Shabby Chic items were at Target as well!)


Le Owner said...

two points:

I LOVE VOUGE AL!!! It is by far the BEST mag out there. I got a copy for the plane ride home from Cali and left it on the place and was pissed, pissed, pissed at myself.

Also- do we love or hate that all things desiger-y are available at Target? My very best vendor just sent a mass email letting all us shop owners know that the product we carry is not avail at Target for $10 less retail than we have it for! Yeah! Fuckers!

Le Owner said...

Also, could I have more typos in that last comment? No.