Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Le Owner: Bags Galore

I'm in the market for a new basic (read: everyday) bag bad. My collection of Century 21 finds has certainly looked better, and as Em will soon find out, being a small business owner does not afford either time nor money for such things. But! Enough enough....the lining of my current basic bag is ripped to shreds (causing items like iPods and phones to become lost in a nether world).

After some internet research, I noticed that aside from a rather pricey Balenciaga number (swoon), there really wasn't much out there that I really loved....until I remembered by friends down the BQE, Hayden-Harnett*.

Now, I know, how does this constitute basic? It. Just. Does. God, and so very Mactastic!!

For dancing nights on the town.

The world's most perfect shaped bag, in a rather unfortunate selection of colors.


Goes perfectly with my new suede scrunchy boots!!!

(*They have the best "about us page"....just sayin')

Emily: Big Love

The cabin where I live belonged to my Great Grandmother. When I was little, I called my Great Grandma "Big Grandma", apparently confusing the two words "great" and "big". She hated the name, but I didn't and not only called her that my whole life, but taught my two younger brothers to do the same.

I also made her this little sign, which she proudly displayed in her home, and which I display today. You can see how the sun faded the center portion that was not covered by the frame. I am grateful that she accepted such a crudely rendered gift, and also that the sentiment was true.

Emily: Pillow tags

Le Owner is so industrious that often when I start something new I start by asking her how she did it. Such is true about the labels I wanted for the pillows I am planning for my Etsy shop. I thought, "why go to all the trouble of designing pillows with carefully planned details if once they are in the world it is not evident where they came from?" aka "where my props at?" I looked online and got a few bids that were way too high in both quantity and price. Then I remembered the darling pillows sold exclusively at SITE, with labels saying as much. So I emailed Le Owner and she shared this website with me. Thanks, lady!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Le Owner: Indoor/Outdoor

Lovin' the mix of indoor and outdoor space in this lower Manhattan abode, designed by two Yale Professors who specialize in merging landscape with building.

Le Owner: Library LR Lighting

With the media console already installed, the industrial bookcase en route for next week, and the sofa fabric swatches on the way to us, I'm looking closely at the lighting. First up? Library sconces.

I know the general quality/look/feel I want from these, but it is the metal finish I'm most undecided about. The bookcase & media console both have an old rubbed bronze like finish, so I could go with the obvious answer: keep it oil rubbed bronze. But! A little part of me is thinking go with brass....make the lights stand out a bit, act as a little sparkle for the room. Thoughts? Then there is the ever favorite nickel, but I'm thinking that metal just doesn't have a place in this room.

This is where it all started: the ubiquitous Circa Lighting sconce, well known and loved.

Then came this beauty, but as with above, must be hardwired, which is not happening on this project. I know I can convert, but would rather not. If not for that, I'd be whipping out the CC right now for this sconce.

A less desirable option, but still in the running is this one.

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Le Owner: Oh, So Good!

Once upon a time, I was in love with West Elm, I'll admit it. I mean, such great designer rip offs! Low prices! A hot shop in DUMBO! Then one day my interest wained, the designs god tired, and quality piss poor. MY love of hanging capiz shells, Chinese inspired chairs, and that lacquer desk ended.

But! What have we here!?

Now if only I can accidentally break a side table in my own home....

Le Owner: A Library Inspired LR

A very close friend was in the market for a bit of a makeover for her bare living room, and how could I resist a little makeover assistance. We landed on a rustic meets library feeling room, and I put together a little Polyvore action to show her to sell her on the parti. The bits are starting to roll in slowly over time, and so far so good!

For Liz. by SITE

The details:

- Industrial inspired items like the bookcase and draftsman stool used as a side table. Aged metals & rich vintage woods. Ring pulls and label holders with the contents typed.

- A comfortable reading area, leather wing chair with modern lines, deco inspired reading lamp, chunky side table for drinks.

- Library sconces mounted over each mismatched side table instead of table lamps, a periodic table as artwork over the sofa, vintage maps scattered about.

One of the details I'm struggling with the most are the side tables. I'm not sold one the ones used in the collage, but today while my mani/pedi I found this (and it is PERFECT):

Wait? Did I say perfect? I meant amazing in every possible way, except for the price. $1950 each. Wow. So not going to happen. So everyone....any thoughts on a similar trunk like side table we might be able to use?

Emily: Leap of Faith

leap of faith, an act or instance of accepting or trusting in something that cannot readily be seen or proved.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Emily: Donghia rules

Not only were they one of the only showrooms in the D&D that were not a-holes to me when I was a curious student, but they also make such poetic lighting, such as this Regina sconce.

Emily: Reminder of 33rd Street

I have had this on my mood board because it kindof reminds me of our old Living Room.

Emily: for SITE

I knew I wasn't crazy to use all wooden hangers....

Emily: The best thing P Barn has ever made

I just love it, and I want to put it in my library with the most perfect ikat from Schumacher.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Le Owner: Design Is In The Details

Hello gorgeous! In the vestibule of my dreams, this would be the star lighting fixture. Made of an ancient Chinese alloy called Paktong, this lanterns unique details take my breath away. I love the chunky, modern chain, exaggerated facets, and its sleek yet sophisticated style. And that inner crystal like light source? To die for.

Made by another genius British design team, Meta. Many more inspiring designs worth checking out here.

Le Owner: For Emily

Many moons ago in that Tribecca loft where I languished, the designer I worked for brought in a group of British textile designers to show off their wares, and I was awestruck. Of course, at that time, we were too busy trying to get more TV shows, product deals, and new money banker clients, and I knew these beautiful hand produced wall coverings would never make it into our sourcing files. She loved to be surrounded by the best of the trades, even though she knew it was out of our Trading Spaces league, for certain.

Fromental. Swoon. How do I even start? Luxurious hand painted silk papers, embroidered with the most divine detailing, and colored perfectly. Any home would sing after an installation of these most perfect papers. I'm sure Emily would agree.

I love the full mock up drawings showing the entire really gives you a feel for how amazing this installations really are!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Emily: haunted

I can't get this post card from Post Secret out of my mind...

Le Owner: New @ SITE

Swoon. I'm in love, yet again. This time it is with the work of California artist Jennifer Northup. Each of these amazing jewelry peices was inspried by her grandmother's collection of vintage English silverware that was lovingly used in her bed and breakfast. Jennifer spends countless hours sourcing each pattern and then transforms them into wearable works of art. I love her total artistry and devine details. More here.

You'll most often catch me with this little baubble around my neck these days:

Also amazing:

Le Owner: Design Bloggers+New Love

Hi. I'm back. Anyone miss me?

Did anyone catch this interesting NYT article awhile back about design bloggers and their most exciting fall picks? All and all, nothing is really ever new under the sun, but I did find out about some great new design bloggers I'll certainly be following. I especially loved Stephen Drucker's quote about design bloggers being the new guerrilla editors in the design world. Lots to think about there.

The favorite? Hollister Hovey, a slick, bygone era meets wasp chic blogger from BKLYN who's style, while extremely different than my own, really attracts me in many ways. Even her logo seems retail ready, perhaps she's the modern female equivalent to Ralph Lauren meets your favorite musty relics shop.

{*all images from Holister Hovey}

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Emily: I love Oslo

Ooooh, Oslo.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Emily: Feed Sack Pillows

I have been collecting vintage feed sacks for over two years now, and I am about to have a bunch of them made into pillows for my Etsy shop. Although some may find it ironic that I am spending more for the fill than I did on the face fabric, I think (hope) they will be charming, casual and comfortable - or as I often say when with clients "friendly".

Emily: Condesa DF

When (not if) I visit Mexico City I want to stay at Condesa DF. India Mahdavi created this slick yet natural refuge out of a crumbling landmark building. I am stunned by the simple, graphic and natural quality of the design. I want to hang out in the bar, stand under the waterfall and be on the roof at night by candlelight. And if, for some reason that wasn't thrilling enough, room service offers a fetish kit. ;)

Emily: Blanket Butlers

Monday, October 20, 2008

Emily: my gift wrap

I believe that vintage gifts are the best ones; not only will the item have more character than something mass produced, but a vintage item is far greener than a new one.

I just debuted my own gift wrap for my Etsy shop and I am so happy with how it turned out. I searched far and wide to find recycled paper boxes (7"x 7" was the size I though most perfect...why do square boxes look best when wrapped?), recycled aqua tissue paper and recycled aqua metallic wrapping paper. All of this is of course adorned with custom printed "Emily Lynch vintage" ribbon that I spent a small fortune on but feel is worth every penny. And inside there is a butterfly to surprise (well, and the gift!)