Saturday, August 9, 2008

Inspired by Le Owner: Items you need in your install kit

I think that the recent post from Le Owner about non design items that are useful to designers was fabulous, and it got me thinking about install kits. A designer is not simply someone who can help you buy things for your home. They will systematically make your home (and lifestyle) more efficient and lovely, and they can do so in three days (usually) with a little help from movers, swearing, and their install kit. As I rattle off things from my own please think of items missing that you may have in your own, and comment with suggestions. If you do not yet have one, here is what you need:

1.) A large plastic toolbox, such as this one, from Northern Tool.2.) Basic tools such as a hammer, standard and Philip's Head Screwdrivers, a level, a long tape measure, a box cutter (or four), a wire cutter, needle nose pliers, a rubber mallot and an allen wrench.

3.) A cordless drill, like this one, from Black and Decker. (And the bits)4.) Every possible size and shape of self stick felt pads. Not only do they protect floors, but they can help when a chair wobbles or the plastic levelers make it too high.

5.) Several heavy duty picture mounting kits that include nails and wire.

6.) Black and brown sharpie pens. Not that I have done this, but theoretically one could, say, touch up furniture with it.

7.) WOOD GLUE - again, not saying I have used it...........

8.) Blue tape (for marking things for follow up / touch up), electrical tape and scotch tape

9.) Flat headed extension cords is white and brown

10.) Every type of light bulb you can think of - silver tipped, night light, halogen, 40 watt standards, the long kind that go in library lamps...

What else, what else?

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Le Owner said...

I almost put lightbulbs as one of my top five items, but decided at the last min to change it!

I got rid of my so-so black and decker cordless and upgraded several months back to a Milwaukee Tools Cordless Drill with way more power and two batteries. It really changed everything. A more professional tool, a more professional job!