Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unexpected Beauty

As a designer I always turn to nature for inspiration. How else could the relative isolation of living in the Redwoods be satisfying? I was surprised, however, to find beautiful and well designed items while we shopped for our annual camping trip this weekend.

Objects designed for outdoor life embody the spirit of minimalism: items should be succinct, lightweight, durable and adaptable for multiple uses. Below are some that I found most appealing, many of which I will enjoy as we camp on the beach in just a few days.
These silicone bowls can be squished to fit into your backpack (or pocket) and (wait for it) CAN BE TURNED INSIDE OUT FOR EASY CLEANING! Oh, and they come in several fetching colors.

For the lazy minimalist (me) : a lightweight titanium pot/bowl so you can heat and eat your food out of the same vessel. The grabber thingey helps you remove it from the stove.
Because I need my morning coffee, a super light kettle
A bowl that collapses to become a plate and to stow
Our new stove

We bought these items at our local REI, which I am proud to say has now converted to solar energy!

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Le Owner said... the sporks! if nothing else someday when you have kids, they will love to use those!