Saturday, December 6, 2008

Le Owner: More Internet Goodness

Oh. Have I ever told you about Smitten Kitchen? Do you already know? I know we're not really a "lifestyle" blog over here, so much as a "design" blog...but I just cannot hold back. It is too good. And really, don't you all know Em is the hostess with the mostess? I'll bet she'll find lots and lots of amazing things to make here. Like, oh say...

Feta Salsa (yes!!)

Or, for me, the insane Gnocchi lover, perhaps this?

Trixie! Quick....get thee some hummus and make these....yum....cheese....

I highly recommend reading on a full stomach and pleanty of time to spare- oh the bookmarks I have! Beautifully shot- this blog feels how everyblog should feel....well edited and gorgeous.

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