Sunday, December 7, 2008

Le Owner: To The Deerly Departed.

Oh, the phrase, "In this economy"....

Everyone throws it around. People ask more than ever, "How's the store?" or "Doin' alright?". Yes, thank you for your concern. And, I do worry, things are weird, different, and I try and actively manage how I buy, why I'm buying, etc. Everyone was focused on the retail and buyers side.

What I did not see coming was the evaporation of some of my favorite wholesalers, suppliers, artists, etc. The shocking email that OneUp, my number one seller and just a fabulous product line would be shut down immediately. I even had orders in place (that customers were waiting for!!) that would not be filled.

And then there was the flurry of orders I got for this guy:

Who I learned had been discontinued for manufacturing reasons, and would never be brought back. I loved this deer head.

So, I'm left to find replacements for some really amazing, well received best sellers. Oh, this economy....

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