Thursday, September 25, 2008

Emily: Greetings from Central PA

I am now in Central Pennsylvania with my family working with them on the house they are building to retire in. It is such an unusual experience for me (as a design professional) to go through this process with family. There are many advantages, for example, meetings conducted while wearing pajamas and there are disadvantages as we try and act professional with people that we love.

It is a learning experience for me to work with folks who would never, ever, ever, ever, ever seek out the help of an interior designer. Poor things, they have one built into the family who insists on doing a job they were not hired for. I suspect that when all is said and done they will be glad for it. Wish me luck!


tippytay said...

I hope all goes well in the end. I will be thinking of you!!

Le Owner said...

I'm so excited for you....any chance to design is one worth taking. When are we shopping PA? When are you comin' out my way???