Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Emily: falling in love

Last night I fell in love again. Walking toward the pub where we watch Monday night football (and where, not coincidentally, my Great Grandmother also watched Monday night football until last year) the moist air pelted my face, smelling of ocean and fireplace and the potpourri of crushed leaves and fronds. I fell head over heels again with my darling fleeting season; Autumn. The sounds of cheering crowds combined with the sight of falling leaves and the feel of wool remind me to be grateful for comfort, warmth, foods and good company. More subtle than Summer, more gentle than Winter and more tactile than Spring, Fall is my first - my last - my everything.


tippytay said...

this is a beautiful passage

Le Owner said...

agreed. i too love fall. today i admired my jackets and was happy to know it won't be long till i can don them once again!