Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pillow Love

This week, it's all about the pillows for me. Perhaps it is the fact that they can so easily transform a dull room into something grand- perfect for the transitions so many of us feel now- or maybe its the glut of craftspeople showing off their new pillow designs @ SITE...whatever it is, I've got pillows on the mind.

I've perhaps mentioned my massive crush on yet ANOTHER Portland store (*cough, cough*- Trixie, where you be, girl?) Flutter? They have suburb style- high femme in all the right ways. BUT! What they really do well is pillows. The kind of pillows you swear grandma just handed down to you, the perfect flea market find. Treasures. In my fantasy girlie suite, I'd pile these high on my non-existent chaise lounge. I'm in awe of their prices- a good pillow can be more quite costly, and these seem quite affordable.


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