Saturday, September 27, 2008

Le Owner: Semi-Precious

I just got done reading my new Traditional Home*, and there is a fantastic article on jewelry for your home. I know Emily and I have discussed this many times- just ask her about her fictional but very appealing wood table with ribbons of turquoise running through the cracks and warped areas of the planks. Hot.

While that table isn't going into production anytime soon, some of these great natural, earthy, beautiful items are.

Honeycomb Calcite Lamp by Jan Showers (I know, I know. Jan Showers? Not really a designer I can often get behind, but they all have a winner sometime!)

Um, Ruzzetti and Gow stunner bowls, anyone?? Yes, please!

Or the ever popular rock crystal+candle light=magic combo

*(yes, yes, I, Le Owner, read Traditional Home. I even have a year subscription.)

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emily said...

I am shocked that you read Trad Home...I love it and your post. I also love Jan Showers, who is often featured in my Southern trade magazines.