Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Once, when I was living with Le Owner, she said to me that she wished she had a magic wand to wave that would make all of the floral things I owned pile up in the Living Room so that I would be made aware of my attraction to unabashedly feminine things.

Nature is my muse, and nothing inspires me more than a tasteful and textural flower arrangement. My taste in flowers is much like that in interiors; simple, traditional and textural.
I favor low collections of flowers for the dining table, usually monochromatic, with clusters of blooms mixed with other natural materials. To follow are some of my favorite images from my inspiration file.


Le Owner said...

I love EVERYTHING about that second image....now if only I could find blooms like that on a regular or affordable basis.....

Le Owner said...

oh! and i so happy to be reminded of that specific magical wand.... right now a flick of that wand in my home would produce a pile of yellow things that could kill a horse.