Sunday, April 20, 2008

Be Civil

There’s something really attractive about this seemingly overly articulate correspondence and other notions webstore called GREER. The opening manifesto -Civility is not a sign of weakness- immediately caught my attention, and their product categories- ‘live’ ‘scribe’ and the somewhat unusual ‘behave’ really sealed the deal. It’s love.

I could spend hours thumbing through their amazing stock of cards, notebooks, bookplates and other bits- but instead back to reality. I’ll certainly be visiting them in person next time I’m in Chicago! In the meantime, some favorites:

Biedermeier Chair Ribbon- come now, how amazing would birthday presents to all the design friends in my life be in this?!

Kitchen inspired 'Thank you' cards perfect in every way.

These amazing pens have actual vintage stamps lacquered to each pen, and packaged so adorably, you'll die.

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