Friday, April 11, 2008

Mod Green Pod

While every bone in my body believes that we should all 'go green' - I sometimes get frustrated that green design has a "look" when I believe it more of a production method than an aesthetic . Enter Mod Green Pod, a company who's fabrics are beautiful AND hand silk screened on organic cotton.

Founded by two sisters in law, Nancy and Lisa Mims wanted, as their website says, to take organic "from hippie to hip." Click here to read more about their story. Oh- and they have a blog!

I simply cannot wait to find an application for their fabrics - "Atticus", shown above, is my very favorite from their collection, reminding me both of Galbraith & Paul and Hable Constuction.


Le Owner said...

I actually had the opportunity to source this for a project we're doing in good ol CT- and I wanted to kids rooms to be a bit more green and down to earth (as much as a 4.5 million dollar vacation home can be)- Great company!!!

emily said...

Ooooooh. Envy envy. Pictures? Yum.

emily said...

PS - no I am not drunk.