Thursday, April 10, 2008

Minimalist Scrapbook

When I left New York City, my boyfriend and I took route 80 all the way across the country to our new home in the California Redwoods. We considered driving the extra half hour to the coast once we got here so that we could have literally gone from sea to shining sea, but thought better of taking a 26' foot Pensky truck with a car towed behind it on Highway 1.

As a thank you to my boyfriend for going on such and adventure with me, I had a book printed of some of the photos from our trip. It is pretty simple, white glossy pages and dark grey text. The black and white and color photos in chronological order are made more powerful by the large 14" square format of the book.

You can make your own by visiting Shutterfly or clicking here.


TrixieB said...

Meghan and I stayed in Ogallala during our cross country excursion last June! What a shit hole!

Your pictures are wonderful, and so powerfully presented in that format! Love it.

Le Owner said...

I love it too. Now I just want to have an adventure so I can make just such a book!

ps- I have the urge to rent a van and drive 100s of miles in search of amazing vintage- whos in?!

emily said...
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