Thursday, April 3, 2008

Elsa Mora

In response to your last post, I offer these two beautiful bees made by artist Elsa Mora. I am thrilled by art objects made from exceedingly delicate materials; porcelain, paper, silk or with embroidery. I respond, I guess, to preciousness and enjoy the extra care and deliberate action that it takes to live with such objects (a trait that each and every person who has lived with me will likely complain about.)

Each of these little (6cm) bees is comprised of 25 separate pieces of paper which she glues one by one until they are complete. She also signs and dates each one.

I found her through her Etsy shop: , where I was deeply moved by her statements about the meaning of her own work and the value of handmade objects in general. To follow: excerpts from her profile.

I always think that inspiration is out there in the air available for everyone, everywhere. It is just a matter of observing and being alert and noticing the world around you. This is something that you develop just by participating in life with your five senses. But if I had to choose one thing that blows my mind that would be people. Think that we are millions of people on this planet, and each single person is unique, even if they are twins. I love different cultures, languages, the way we look, and the way we think and relate with each other.

I think that buying handmade is a way of expression and communication. You express yourself through the objects that you choose to live with and with the objects that you give to other people. Handmade objects have a different meaning compared to industrial objects because they carry a human energy. The thing that most impacts people is other people. That’s why we experience something nice when we get anything handmade. When you buy handmade you are not only buying an object but you’re also buying a concept, an idea that has to do with the appreciation of what’s human. By buying handmade you are saying in a subtle way that you care about other people and that you are open for them to bring something into your life, it is an exchange, it is human connection."

I could not help but explore her blog,, where I was able to see some of her earlier work, which reminded me a bit of Joel-Peter Witkin.

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