Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paper, please.

One of the things we seem to post a lot about here is being eco conscious. Everyone’s doing there part- and I’m thrilled to see it.

At SITE, we’re trying to do our part too- but it is enormously challenging as a business in a not-so-environmentally friendly- city to be part of the solution. We recently had the chance to be part of the new Greenopia guides- the first “zagat” like guide to green friendly business in the NYC area (Cali was the first guide!) and it really opened our eyes to what we were doing right and what we were not.

We already recycle the ENORMOUS amount of cardboard, packing peanuts and the sort to send out our internet orders. We use CFL bulbs in all our lamps. We sell vintage. And of course, we buy products that are what we call “Eco Chic”- repurposed, recycled, or earth friendly in some meaningful way.

My new favorite earth smart products are made by The News LA- fab recycles newspaper and magazine totes, bags, and other super useful products. They are all made in LA- which means I don’t have to worry about pesky sweatshop labor and international shipping waste*. I’m especially in love with the vintage National Geographic totes- what could possibly be more Mactastic?

*sometimes I joke that my next store will be called “ChinaFree” because its so tricky to buy from certain places overseas: contaminated products, terrible labor practices, horrible pollution track records, and so on…

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emily said...

Reminds me of Trixie's bacon wallet. :)