Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Clean Fun

As Le Owner will testify - I like things clean. One way that I motivate myself to do my chores is having tools that satisfy my senses. For example, when doing dishes I start by laying out a beautiful dishtowel. This one, depicting mushrooms is made in France by Le Jacquard Francais, my very favorite of all linen companies.
Add to that a vintage wire dish strainer. Mine belonged to my Great Grandmother, but you can find vintage inspired versions at Ballard Designs. I like that mine is small enough to fit in my sink basin so that I can douse my clean dishes with boiling water - a trick passed down by my other Great Grandmother, who was a French war bride.
Next I break out my yummy scented dish soap de jour - Method's Pink Grapefruit. I have sensitive skin so I use earth friendly soaps so that I don't need to wear gloves. Oh, and because I'm a hippie. ; ) Click here for other earth and skin friendly dish soaps.

I am now using white porcelain dish ware - I think it sets off your food better than colored or patterned plates and it mixes well with other dishes and linens. When I am done I feel relaxed - warm water, "happy" smelling citrus soap, clean white dishes....a meditation on life's simple pleasures.

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Le Owner said...

Funny- The Russian and I also use Method Pink Grapefruit (though, I have my doubts these days about how 'earth friendly' they are...sad...)

What I really miss is your amazing smelling hand soap near the sink...what was that stuff...vaugely herbal and so lovely....