Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Progress: Backyard Design I

Ever since I gave up my much coveted 500 sq. ft. organic garden back in Wisconsin and moved to NYC for design school, I craved to have my outdoor back! I tried lining my very small fire escape with giant, super heavy, plastic tubs stocked with heirloom tomatoes- only find that the neighborhood squirrels also had a thing for my tomatoes. But, let’s face it: a fire escape does not an outdoor garden make. I knew it was all over when, as I was watering my thirsty plants, I ended up soaking my downstairs neighbor- fastidiously putting her laundry out on the line, instead of my plants.

Last year my wishes to the heavens were answered when I stumbled upon what I know refer to as, “best apartment ever” on my way to work: a large one bedroom WITH A NICE SIZED PRIVATE BACKYARD. Yes, you read that correctly, a backyard!!!

I now spend most Friday nights at Home Depot, lugging bags of soil by flashlight into my outdoor space. I spend my free time designing in my head ever detail of the space, driving anyone within earshot crazy with my various plans to make my little yard into an amazing, sane, and useful space!

All spring and summer I’ll be posting ‘Before & After’ pics, asking (begging?!) Trixie and Em for help, giving my two cents on how to create an urban oasis, and just generally opening up the creative design process to the Ruleof3s. This weekend, I’ll be posting some of the before pics- but before that, here’s some of the inspiration that’s going into this backyard!!


+ Sculptural furniture: retro French inspired wire chairs, panton dining chairs
+ Bright pops of pink, purple, and fuchsia flowers against bright green (a color I see in a lot of florists- hey if it works for them…)
+ Lots of white and stainless planters
+ Glowing, diffused light for nighttime

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emily said...

I cannot, I repeat, cannot wait to see how it turns out. I have complete faith in your genius. (jane-yus)