Monday, October 27, 2008

Le Owner: A Library Inspired LR

A very close friend was in the market for a bit of a makeover for her bare living room, and how could I resist a little makeover assistance. We landed on a rustic meets library feeling room, and I put together a little Polyvore action to show her to sell her on the parti. The bits are starting to roll in slowly over time, and so far so good!

For Liz. by SITE

The details:

- Industrial inspired items like the bookcase and draftsman stool used as a side table. Aged metals & rich vintage woods. Ring pulls and label holders with the contents typed.

- A comfortable reading area, leather wing chair with modern lines, deco inspired reading lamp, chunky side table for drinks.

- Library sconces mounted over each mismatched side table instead of table lamps, a periodic table as artwork over the sofa, vintage maps scattered about.

One of the details I'm struggling with the most are the side tables. I'm not sold one the ones used in the collage, but today while my mani/pedi I found this (and it is PERFECT):

Wait? Did I say perfect? I meant amazing in every possible way, except for the price. $1950 each. Wow. So not going to happen. So everyone....any thoughts on a similar trunk like side table we might be able to use?

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