Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Le Owner: Library LR Lighting

With the media console already installed, the industrial bookcase en route for next week, and the sofa fabric swatches on the way to us, I'm looking closely at the lighting. First up? Library sconces.

I know the general quality/look/feel I want from these, but it is the metal finish I'm most undecided about. The bookcase & media console both have an old rubbed bronze like finish, so I could go with the obvious answer: keep it oil rubbed bronze. But! A little part of me is thinking go with brass....make the lights stand out a bit, act as a little sparkle for the room. Thoughts? Then there is the ever favorite nickel, but I'm thinking that metal just doesn't have a place in this room.

This is where it all started: the ubiquitous Circa Lighting sconce, well known and loved.

Then came this beauty, but as with above, must be hardwired, which is not happening on this project. I know I can convert, but would rather not. If not for that, I'd be whipping out the CC right now for this sconce.

A less desirable option, but still in the running is this one.

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!

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