Monday, October 20, 2008

Emily: my gift wrap

I believe that vintage gifts are the best ones; not only will the item have more character than something mass produced, but a vintage item is far greener than a new one.

I just debuted my own gift wrap for my Etsy shop and I am so happy with how it turned out. I searched far and wide to find recycled paper boxes (7"x 7" was the size I though most perfect...why do square boxes look best when wrapped?), recycled aqua tissue paper and recycled aqua metallic wrapping paper. All of this is of course adorned with custom printed "Emily Lynch vintage" ribbon that I spent a small fortune on but feel is worth every penny. And inside there is a butterfly to surprise (well, and the gift!)


Le Owner said...


but, shocked to see the metallic element in the wrap! really love it....the butterfly is too good, and should be your signature/logo for the store. totes.

tippytay said...

the butterfly looks like your tattoo! I love this Em. Just beautiful, simple, yet dazzling with the metallic. Gorgeous!!!