Thursday, October 30, 2008

Le Owner: Bags Galore

I'm in the market for a new basic (read: everyday) bag bad. My collection of Century 21 finds has certainly looked better, and as Em will soon find out, being a small business owner does not afford either time nor money for such things. But! Enough enough....the lining of my current basic bag is ripped to shreds (causing items like iPods and phones to become lost in a nether world).

After some internet research, I noticed that aside from a rather pricey Balenciaga number (swoon), there really wasn't much out there that I really loved....until I remembered by friends down the BQE, Hayden-Harnett*.

Now, I know, how does this constitute basic? It. Just. Does. God, and so very Mactastic!!

For dancing nights on the town.

The world's most perfect shaped bag, in a rather unfortunate selection of colors.


Goes perfectly with my new suede scrunchy boots!!!

(*They have the best "about us page"....just sayin')

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