Saturday, October 25, 2008

Le Owner: For Emily

Many moons ago in that Tribecca loft where I languished, the designer I worked for brought in a group of British textile designers to show off their wares, and I was awestruck. Of course, at that time, we were too busy trying to get more TV shows, product deals, and new money banker clients, and I knew these beautiful hand produced wall coverings would never make it into our sourcing files. She loved to be surrounded by the best of the trades, even though she knew it was out of our Trading Spaces league, for certain.

Fromental. Swoon. How do I even start? Luxurious hand painted silk papers, embroidered with the most divine detailing, and colored perfectly. Any home would sing after an installation of these most perfect papers. I'm sure Emily would agree.

I love the full mock up drawings showing the entire really gives you a feel for how amazing this installations really are!


emily said...

I love them, they are more modern then, say, De Gournay

Le Owner said...

they have a background at De Gournay, so you can see the influence and all the freshness at the same time!