Monday, October 20, 2008

Emily: Hospitality

There are three main reasons that I love the interiors of restaurants: the first is that I love food, and believe that taking pleasure in food is the most natural pleasure in life. The second is that I love the drama - you can get away with things for a space where people spend a few hours that would be awful in residential design. And lastly, these spaces are highly functioning and carfully organized. Here are some that have been living on my inspiration board.
I love how "club-ey" this one is...tufted leather, salon style art grouping, and the mirrored ceiling is a surprise.

This space is so warm and Moderne, with a little bit of farmhouse thrown in the mix. And it is a daring use of furnishings...we would have been discouraged to plan something like this in school, "a slum of legs."
A Parisian / Chinoiserie fantasy in buttercream and dark brown, this space reminds me of this room by Tom Scheerer. And is that an absinthe jar in the foreground?

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