Friday, October 24, 2008

Le Owner: Design Bloggers+New Love

Hi. I'm back. Anyone miss me?

Did anyone catch this interesting NYT article awhile back about design bloggers and their most exciting fall picks? All and all, nothing is really ever new under the sun, but I did find out about some great new design bloggers I'll certainly be following. I especially loved Stephen Drucker's quote about design bloggers being the new guerrilla editors in the design world. Lots to think about there.

The favorite? Hollister Hovey, a slick, bygone era meets wasp chic blogger from BKLYN who's style, while extremely different than my own, really attracts me in many ways. Even her logo seems retail ready, perhaps she's the modern female equivalent to Ralph Lauren meets your favorite musty relics shop.

{*all images from Holister Hovey}


porter hovey said...

That's me as Betty Drapper! HAHAHAH!!!!

emily said...


emily said...

I mean it, like Audrey Niffenegger at Grey Gardens. Our blog looks so bright and shiny now.

Le Owner said...

I knew that it was a risk to pick one of the coustumed pics, but I loved the look and feel of it too much not to include. Welcome :)