Saturday, March 29, 2008

Click, Click

I set aside some very dedicated time to the internet each day. I love the ritual of it all- coffee and the news or cocktails and social networking. My most favorite time thought is when its slow at the store and I get the time to read my ever overgrowing ‘favorites’ file. I obsess about new stores, ways to style, amazing new products, or just about anything that’s related to art and design. And hey, it's work related so there is less guilt!!

So where am I clicking these days?

I loved this article on where to shop in Portland. Since I miss TrixieB so very much, I’m planning a trip out west sometime this year- and I’ll be sure to visit as many great places as possible. This was full of inspiration!!

Why am I not pricing things like that? I love everything about it- retro card tags, stamps. Fun.

Then of course, there are the various links pointing toward the most amazing thing to happen to the outer boroughs in a long time: Brooklyn Flea. Starting next week, Fort Greene will be home to NYC’s largest outdoor flea market. Making it just that much better is the Design*Sponge collective @ the flea- Lena Corwin, Deadly Squire, Alssa Ettinger, and many more. Ladies, why, oh why, did you have to go and leave NYC....I need backup!

While clicking, I came across a store in BKLYN I've seen a few times, but now more than ever- with spring on the way, and flowers on the mind- I'm really eager to go...and I see they'll be at Brooklyn Flea too! It is Saipua of course!! With all my new gardening adventures, I need great soaps more than ever (I just picked up the Saltwater Soap- loaded with scents I love!!). And let's face it- we all need inspiration, and this store oozes gorgeous, light and airy, feminine beauty and unexpected floral arrangements. Lots of inspiration here!

Saipua in Fort Greene

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