Monday, March 31, 2008

My inspiration

On this, the last day of the first month of "Rule of Threes" (started on 3/3 I might add) I wanted to post about my true inspirations - you two. We laughed till we cried, we cried till we laughed, painted the house, painted our faces, whined and dined, talked about love, talked about "Lost", played dress up, played fess up, wrote our names on the board, kept each other from being bored.
You are two of the most talented, creative and kind people I have ever known. You have both shown incredible taste - from your fashions to what you cook to who you hang with. You both motivate me and talk me down.
Miss you.


Le Owner said...

You are, my dear, beyond sweet! Here's to ICFF and design overload in May!!


tippytay said...

Wow, what an awesome passage on your design inspirations. You inspire me, too!