Monday, March 31, 2008

Perfectly Cast

A long time ago in a distant place called Tribeca, I worked for a rather unfortunate TV based interior designer. The work was long and unrewarding- but, during my time there I made friends with her neighbors, the amazing folks at Chista. Largely ethnic, bold, chunky, and earthy in their design the work is often tree roots formed by nature and made into seemingly perfect furniture pieces. While I admired the craft and complexities of such items (I mean, how do you ship a WHOLE tree root from say, Indonesia to NYC?!) I never really saw how I could use one of their items- not quite my style.

Until today.

These new and totally innovative interpretations of their traditional root tables are now cast in gorgeous, shiny living bronze. I’m in love with the juxtaposition of the natural with the metal- the living form and the hard edged metal. Behold!



Yet another great style...I'd love to use this in a project with a pretty sofa.

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emily said...

Be still my heart! I "specced" the wood ones for my project in Eric's class! They are mactastic now, aren't they?