Monday, March 31, 2008

Couleur Nature

It is no secret - table linens make me foam at the mouth. I enjoy the whole process of using them, from setting the table (not using paper napkins) to washing (always in cold water) and ironing them (I know, I am sick) for next time's use. These days I am using solid white porcelain plates which mix easily with just about any linen pattern or print.

The ones shown here are by "Couleur Nature", a company founded by Parisian designer Bruno Lamy after he traveled to Rajasthan, India and encountered their traditional block printed textiles.

These days, artisans in Jaipur hand block each cloth using carved teakwood blocks. I love that traditional French motifs are created using techniques passed down for generations.
To keep it fresh, two new prints are introduced to the collection each season.

For more information on Couleur Nature textiles, click here or visit their website


WordWielder said...

I am laughing so hard about the
"table linens make me foam at
the mouth" comment! Probably
because I too experience the
same phenomena! Love your

tippytay said...

these are friggin' beautiful!