Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Handprinted Linen Woodgrain Pillows

There is something magical about the fabrics produced at Kevin O'Brien Studio...perhaps it is that the designer spends 5 days a week secluded in the Catskills designing and the other 2 at his studio in Philadelphia...or the fact that he views the folks who run the studio in his absence as colaborators...or that they are printed by hand on fair trade fabrics in an environmentally friendly way. Whatever the reason, these pillows are available in four colors and four sizes (three sqaure sizes and a lumbar), and the fabric is available by the yard to and through the trade. For more information on Kevin O'Brien Studio's products and practices visit their website, , or click here.

Mac - is it too much to live in the woods and then have woodgrain fabric? I am SO tempted to cover my new pair of vintage white armchairs in this! And when is Sarah back from her trip to chime in?

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Le Owner said...

uh- how can that be too much! I say do it! But make it some poppy color, not brown or something expected. Ya gots to tweak it, me thinks.