Thursday, May 1, 2008

Food Container

Um, yes please. I’ll take two.

Container gardening is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world- but its hard. A little too much rain? Dead plants. Not enough water in the peak of summer? Dead plants. This uniquely designed- and totally hip looking- planting system is designed to help eliminate container gardening woes. The wheels are also a nice touch- heavy planters are so NOT chic.

Go ahead, grow your own food. There are few things more rewarding than preparing that first meal with real tomatoes and fresh organic greens, right from the backyard! The designers mission of reconnecting residential spaces and food cultivation is something I can totally get behind.


Simple Ginger said...

Another really great one is the Earth Box:

My mother has at least four or five of them and I can attest to the results - endless lettuce, huge tomato plants, and good-looking containers! I do like the wheels on this one, that would be great for urban settings especially.

emily said...

Ha! My father, a scientist at Penn State, helped to design Earth Box. They are awesome and way less ugly than the prototypes were!