Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So Much To Post, So Little Time

Brilliant, and as they say: "Earthcycle has used the design brilliance of nature to develop innovative sustainable packaging made from a renewable resource, palm fiber, to create an environmentally responsible alternative to plastic. Earthcycle is certified home compostable, is recyclable and complies with North American food grade standards."

I found this through the Swell Future Friendly site, tipped from my girlfriend's suggestion. Swell follows eco-friendly design, focusing on the "30 days of sustainability" project below.

"30 Days of Sustainability Society is a non-profit society dedicated to raising awareness of sustainable living in Western Canada. The organization aims to encourage individuals, organizations, government and other groups to adopt sustainable practices into their daily lives and values."
Eco-friendly design which is hip, and well built, is the direction we all should strive toward, and as more and more organizations are jumping on board with this idea the more easy it will be to obtain this goal.

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