Friday, May 9, 2008

Jennifer Khoshbin

I remember seeing artwork like this several years back at the incorrectly titled, "Affordable Art Fair" at the Piers and thinking how amazing they were. Then, just last week I run across the site of Jennifer Khoshbin, largely known in the blog-o-sphere as the creator of these (which totally reminds me of the mostly genius Rose & Radish Folk show):

I digress....what really turns me on about her work isn't some fancy decoupage skills, but rather what she can do to humble paper. These books transformed speak volumes about her imagination- turning books into sculpture?! I'd love to have one shadowboxed for my collection.

*I love the detail of that first one- the jump rope, the word at the center of the circle. So. Good.

Also interesting:

Second in a series of Book Projects, RfS has created 30 carved books to be "lost" on the sidewalks and alleyways of Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas.

By chance or inclination, pedestrians may discover, examine, take, or just ignore these books. RfS continues to delve into facts and fiction, as a way of understanding our world.

Just inside the cover, we have altered the books with carvings, drawings, and intricate cuttings by imagining how books might react and alter themselves as an adaptation to harsh conditions. This is a fairly open experiment, in which we are trying to ask some questions about the continual loss and recovery of meaning. We are trying to uncover the highly improbable appearance of authenticity somewhere and somehow under our feet.

I can only hope someone appreciative finds those lucky books!!

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