Saturday, May 24, 2008

Frenchie McFrenchstien

Just a normal Saturday morning, coffee in bed and Etsy shopping...then I saw there etchings at deadbirdfinds which may well be my favorite vintage shop on Etsy. I love them so much, and it seems as though there is a bit of Yellow Submarine to them, no?

I am sharing them with y'all as it feels as though I shall never again purchase something for fun. Life feels different when one tries to be responsible. If my 20's were about learning that my actions had consequences, then my 30's (do I get to use the plural if I am only 30? Would it me better to say 'my 30'?) are about dealing with potential consequences. Far less fun!


Le Owner said...

why can't you buy things for fun? *shakes head*

when you have a store, you realize that if people did not purchase for primal, lust based reasons (read: fun) we wouldn't be open for business.... Sure moderation is key, but don't eliminate'll just encounter a different set of consequences that are probably equally bad as those you 'learned' in your 20's

emily said...

I can't buy things for fun because I do other things now like got to ICFF and wonderful places in Astoria for dinner....worth it!

Le Owner said...

so then those purchases were for fun as well! you do buy for fun!