Monday, May 12, 2008

Poser Beer Label post

Trixie, it is all on you now for the beer bottle label post...there were not many graphic representations of companies at Brewfest...I guess since I am more familiar with wine tasting I thought that we would be seeing the bottles and conversing with people when in reality I was in a drunken mob filling up there cups with beer being pumped from coolers and kegs. It was effin glorious but alas the pictures are not appropriate to post here.

You always save the day, though, (eh-hem 'white party') so I am certain yours will be ten gagillion times more awesome than mine would have been.

Next weekend I will be flying out of Oakland airport headed for ICFF...meeting up with "Le Owner" for shop talk and brainstorming. While some of the drinking may rival that witnessed this weekend past, I will be certain to take a picture 'post worthy'.

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TrixieB said...

I can't believe you brought the OE - I thought this was a "chic design" website not some place to post lawn mower swill!?

Okay, I had to put those words in for all my beer advocate (not to be affiliated with the actual BA - boo to you guys!) buddies.

Beer label post on its way.

Along with nothing but love for you Emily!