Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Candyland Details

Just a few quick details I'm super excited about over at Candyland.

Wood Plank Flooring:

ok, ok, it's not really wood planks at all, but a great water tolerant ceramic from Cypress Trading! Normally I would not go for such things, but the texture and coloration is great, and both the client and I LOVE it! I'm excited for the balance of the star pendant with oil rubbed bronze and this chocolate floor with all the pop of nickel. Each plank is installed just like its wood counter part (thin, thin grout!!) in planks that are 4' by 3" wide. Holla.

Brushed Nickel Accents:

The client has been calling this piece his "well" and I love it. This vintage feel faucet will go well with his pedestal sink and had oodles of charm for only $149. I'm focusing on objects and materials that look and feel "found" and not newly produced for suburban america. This faucet fits the bill perfectly. While I have my issues with mixing oil rubbed bronze (all lighting) and nickel (all fixtures) I think we'll be able to do it with lots of style if we just pay attn to the details (multi hued flooring, keeping everything on the same plane the same finish, etc...)

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