Thursday, June 19, 2008

Operation: Candyland

Yesterday was a big day.

Not only did I turn in the keys at Freelance Job Central, I also had a final 'looks' meeting with my client. In additional nicknaming the project "Candyland", we also selected the following three themes to mull over through the weekend.

With demo starting soon (omg!!!), keep on the look out for Candyland posts of successes AND failures, and oh yes, they'll be issues, set backs and the sort. It's just how construction happens. The client even warned me there might be tears, I assured there's no need. This bathroom is going to be stunning.

Without further ado....the looks!!!
LOOK #1- black, metal, and shell: star pendant, mother of pearl mirror, simple black iron sconces, traditional sink. **ladies and gents, we have a winner. the clients just wrote to say it's all about black bits, tradition, and a little bit of fun. it's off to the races!!**

LOOK #2- Oval, metal and age: hand blown glass pendant, iron mirror, simple sink.

LOOK #3- Whimsy, age, and glamour: metal garland light, aged iron mirror, classic sink, pretty mirrored sconces.

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