Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cabin Friends

This is our cabin. The dug out on the right is where the path used to head to the front door...I moved it over so in went through the trees. I also moved the door over a bit by adding a side light, it used to be in the corner. We added the deck, as the old one was pierced by falling branches in a storm, and besides, this one had a cuter railing and overhang. It is about to be painted brown with white trim and a coral colored door.

This is a view of the new path and planters made from used wine barrels. There were beautiful purple and yellow flowers growing in them, but the deer ate them all while we were on vacation. It is as if we made them a bowl of salad.


TrixieB said...

This is FANTASTIC design inspiration! Thanks for posting those pictures!

Also to note - the picture of the cabin seen in my post is Mj's old family cabin and NOT what we are looking to currently buy! (though I wish I could live in that!)

Le Owner said...

I feel so left out overe here in the big city. no cabin. no trees, even really. just loud street kids, traffic, and heat.

The cabin looks cute em! You HAVE TO post pics after the paint job...the coral door sounds fab.