Saturday, June 28, 2008

We'll laugh and toast to nothing and smash our empty glasses down

My father is a plant physiologist and deserves full credit for my sensitivity to the environment. My whole life he has helped me to understand the interconnectedness of all living organisms as well as helping me to see how much beauty can be experienced through the simple act of observing nature. A few years ago he and his wife bought a plot of land in Central Pennsylvania that they plan to build a home and live out their days on. Over the past few years they have planted trees and nurtured mushrooms on the land in preparation to build. They finally have a set of plans and are starting to build, and I am eager to help in anyway that I can.
In addition to solar panels and wind turbines, they are using as many locally found materials as possible to construct their "Ecotopia". I am helping with surfaces and finishes, and today I am sharing one of the materials that I proposed they use in their baths, Vetrazzo, a material made using recycled glass. The examples below are made with windshields, windows from demolished homes and glass food containers.

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