Friday, June 13, 2008

the next level


The totally unthinkable has just occurred. I, Le Owner, have just quit my freelance job, the “city” job, the instant cash headache riddled job that I loathed. The one that made me invest in a lifetime supply of antacids. The one with all the pretty projects, the multi million dollar budgets.

I know that this post is nothing new in the blog-o-sphere. Lots have done it before me.
Now I’ll be spending my time working with my own clients, tending to my baby, SITE, and generally being happy. Sure, I’ll be a little poorer, but just think of all that money I’ll save not buying all those antacids.

Soon I’ll there will be before, during, and afters on my local renovations. One client when approached if it would be ok to blog about his job was so enthusiastic that he even offered to have me on his weekly iTunes podcast to discuss the project- its gonna be a multimedia affair.

The revolution will be broadcast.


MJ said...

OMG that's so utterly fantastic! Congrats congrats congrats. It's especially appropriate after Emily's post yesterday. :)

Enjoy the freedom!

Le Owner said...

I know....discontent is going around!!! :)