Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pamela Sunday

Typically, I'm just not that into sculpture. For me, a lot of the modern sensibility, clean lines, and thoughtfulness I've come to expect from artwork just isn't there for me- that' not to say it's not out there, I've just yet to find much of it.

Enter Pamela Sunday. My love of all things science (yes, yes, geek indeed) caused immediate love. Giant ceramic atom structures? Yes! But, it's not just the science, of course, it's also the art. The texture, the scale, and palate all drew me in and had me commin' back for more. I can actually see using these pieces in a client's home or in my own. They're not hoaky or gimmicky. They seem like they could easily mingle amongst the everyday items that most of us have.

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TrixieB said...

I love the shapes of the sculptures the most - the "spiked ball" reminds me of sea urchin.

Wow, I have inspirational things to say today.