Friday, June 6, 2008

Major Design Crush

I'm suppose to be tweaking SITE online, which means really that I'm procrastinating by blog hopping online. Behold these AMAZING floors: not only are inciting a major case of the designer envies, but they seem to make my Flor carpet seem like we laid down dirt and called it a day!

Fact & Fancy's floors of wonder...I'm going to be doing a LOT of blog reading looking for tips and how-tos on floors like this....

In other other news....I'm working on a fab bathroom reno this summer...hopefully the client will bless me with permission to blog, blog, blog about it!! Some themes (*cough* 'partis') I'm mulling about
-Nautical/batten board/old oil paintings
-French/painted metal/beat up mirrors
-Preppy/chevron stripes/clean white/chrome
-Garden/metal lanterns/green accents/mesh wire baskets

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