Monday, June 30, 2008

Ode to Aubrey

When two of my very favorite people told me that they were having a baby girl, I looked all over the shoppes of Park Slope to find her interesting little t shirts, and had a hard time finding ones that I likes AND found affordable. As a design student I naturally had more ambition than money, so I made the collages above, scanned them and printed them on iron-on t-shirt paper then, (gasp) ironed them on myself.

While I admit they look a little (okay, a lot) "I made this", I was still happy to discover them this evening. And happier still to show you a picture of the beautiful girl that baby grew into.

1 comment:

Le Owner said...

i think they're adorable and look great, and who cares if they look "a lot" handmade...that's the whole charming part!