Monday, June 30, 2008


It could be that in the woods I am no longer bombarded with the amount of advertising that I am accustomed to, but lately I have been loving the 'words as ornament' aesthetic. I have been satisfying my desire by framing vintage signs and posters, but wouldn't it be lovely to hire painters to stencil a whole room with meaning, as Shelia Bridges did in her Harlem home?


Le Owner said...

But what to say, what to say!! Remember all that chalkboard-y goodness we had in our A-P-T, and how there was never a whitty item written? Its hard to select the words...I would not know where to begin on a ROOM full of them!

emily said...

I liked to use the chalkboard to write names on the board, remember? As I recall you usually had a check or two beside yours. ;)
Ours was supposed ta be a shopping list...that is why we painted the pantry in chalkboard paint.

And in the living room I do remember Joel's cartoons....