Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Day in the life


I wake up late. Way late. My alarm didn’t go off and I was up late planning my 30th birthday party in November with Marina and Trixie via telephone. Oops! I already have lots of calls and texts from my contractor and partners in crime. Quick coffee and shower. I return the contractors phone calls- it appears we’ll have to drop the ceiling in the bathroom after all, which of course means I’ll have to tell the client he needs more money. Ick, never pleasant. Get an email I've been quoted in the paper in a story about small business in this current economy. Quick make sure I've not said anything stupid.

By now its 11am and I’m totally late to get Ivona for our day of shopping for our stores. I make a quick stop for a giant diet coke (I know, for shame…) and we’re headed for a day of antiquing. We plug in our first destination into the trusty GPS and we’re off!! I’m so into conversation that I miss the turn. We’re replug in the address but notice a great antiques barn with mid-century chairs out front- U TURN!!! Before I know it I’ve already picked up an amazing deco mirror and art prints for the store.

We shop for hours and by 2 we’re starving. We find the most amazing little retro diner, fuel up on long over do breakfast food (ok, and a kids size mac and cheese between us- shh don’t tell) and are back to shopping. The next few stops yield nothing but $1,200 fauteuils and over priced garden furniture. Blah.

Score! I find an amazing set of Danish chairs that need a little TLC- note to self order some of that amazing restoration wax you saw on Domino. Ivona scores some great pieces including a totally 80’s handbag she decides to keep for herself. We pull up to our last stop of the day- I’m hesitant, it looks shady. Before I know it we’re playing Passat Tetris- the new steamer trunk and Danish Chairs don’t seem to want to fit. It’s a good 95 degrees even at 6pm, so this task seems overwhelming. Twenty minutes later everything is packed and ready to go. We stop for gas, $4.59 a gallon, ouch!

As usual we plan world domination on the way home. Its intoxicating to open a store, and it leaves us planning and scheming new ones….LoveSite? We unload and spy the owner of the café renovation. The new awnings are coming in soon so we discuss other aspects of design for the café- website, lighting, bathroom décor, etc. A few mojitos later I’m off to sleep. I fall asleep planning my Tuesday full of prepping our new vintage and creating a great new display.

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