Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Guest Bath

I thought I would share some shots I took of the guest bath, one of my favorite rooms here at 'The Ranch.' I love the wide planked painted pine walls and the porcelain tub. I do not love the vintage (for evil instead of good) linoleum floors, but as a renter I have no choice but to live with it. For now. ;)

We took down the towel bars and installed hooks...I hate 'display' towel bar arrangements (ie: two bath towels with two hand towels hung over and a washcloth on the bias to cap it off) and like the casual "poolside" look of a towel on a hook.
An antique chair holds spare towels which are topped with a lavender filled twig sachet I found on Etsy.

I admit I like the vintage green counter top with integrated sink, despite my better judgment. I replaced the knobs and faucet (plumbers are expensive) and hung a large mid century walnut mirror over the whole unit. Antique butterfly prints that I am too lazy (and poor) to frame hang from the wall with wooden push pins.

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