Friday, July 25, 2008

The House Buying Process

Ever experience Déjà vu?

Ever experience Déjà vu?

As my partner and I move closer and closer to our house buying close we begin to waiver back and forth on our decision. Is it right for us? Do we really like the neighborhood? Is the commute okay? Is it too small?

Is it too small?

In the house-buying world this seems to be the most important question: “how many square feet?” Is like a status symbol, an extension of the proverbial phallus – if your house is big, and in a super desired neighborhood, you must obviously be very successful. Although I do somewhat buy into this concept, I must also turn around and ask all these people why they require so much space? In the world of “green” living we observe the most openly “green” individuals to be those who tend to have a lot of money. Why else would Whole Foods market, Trader Joe’s, and New Seasons be placed in upscale neighborhoods and not the low income housing areas?

Maybe I feel inadequate, which in turn necessitates the need to defend my house buying purchase; or maybe my partner and I just simply don’t buy into the commercialism of owning “stuff,” as George Carlin (R.I.P.) so aptly points out.

So we have consciously decided upon not living beyond our means, and more importantly perhaps, not living in a gigantic house which will simply be filled with “stuff” – after all, it is only logical to assume that an empty room will either a) be filled with packed boxfuls of junk or b) be filled with unpacked “arranged” boxfuls of junk. Our space will necessitate the simplest needs and as such our design solutions will be very creative. And since this is a design blog and you are most likely tired of reading (or have already stopped reading by now), I will fill this space with our design look book.

Currently we are figuring out solutions for an extremely long space. Our main living space is 10’ x 23’ - images below (DISCLAIMER: these are photos from the previous owners I DO NOT OWN CRAPPY HUGE LEATHER COUCHES):

<--- Left Side of Room Right Side of Room --->

Our design inspiration comes from the “cabin” theme. What if we modeled this after Airstream Trailers, which are also long, narrow, and compact? A quick look at Shady Dell’s website has given us our first idea – a built in table and bench.

We have quite the long road to go, but so far we are moving on our way. Any other suggestions?


Le Owner said...

oh trixie....this was the first ruleof3s post that really made me, as they say in the internets, LOL.

Aside from also backing you and Em in the quest to limit our 'stuff' to the just right amount, i also WHOLE HEARTEDLY back you in your search for the right amount of sqaure footage. I think that there is a lot to be said for instinct- and if a place captures your heart upon arrival, its right, and its manageable.

i'll just say this much: remember when we lived in that rambling house with that large backroom? And remember how in the course of the year and a half we lived there we never really did do much with it other than store all of our old stuff. ok, and play The Sims. Space isn't everything its cracked up to be.

TrixieB said...

Ah! Madison - good catch, Mac! When I said extra space just means having an extra room to fill with boxed up junk I was TOTALLY picturing that space! Great minds think a like indeed!

And just as a note...WE did not play the SIMS it was that other roommate...what was her name?? Hmmm, haven't thought about her in ages ;)

And, though our square footage count is at 600, the lot space is 4,400! It all works in the end!

Le Owner said...

*cough, cough* ok, so we'll just say that it was i, Le Owner, who was playing all that Sims. And also, let's not forget that junk pile of a room is where The Ruckus begain- now, that's retro!

emily said...

Uh - unbelievably cute! When can I visit?