Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oh, mop!

As a supporter of the green movement, you bet your bottom that I bought the Omop from Method, thinking that I would save the earth while cleaning with my environmentally sound cleanser and washable microfiber cloth mop head.

Instead, when I am through mopping I feel angry and my floor is not that clean. The cleaning solution that they sell causes the mop to stick, drag and capsize on the backstroke (think NASCAR) which means that you can only wipe the floor with gentle forward strokes, giving your floor a reassuring back rub.

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Le Owner said...

I'm not a fan of Method entirely...their stainless cleaner is HORRID and leaves my table with weird streaks and lines. And they are disposable clothes- not green.

I've also heard that Method is not really green at all, just marketed that way.

tippytay said...

i broke the handle off my o mop