Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gardening, The Guerrilla Way

Screw the elections...make a politic stance with my new favorite book!


“Four years ago, Richard Reynolds found himself without a garden to call his own. Stuck in a London apartment building without so much as a windowsill, he began to sneak out under cover of darkness to plant flowers in the building's neglected public flower beds. Encouraged by his victory, he advanced to other "orphaned" patches of land in his neighborhood and reached out for support by setting up a Web site, Before long, thousands of guerrilla gardeners worldwide had enlisted on the site, all stealthily cultivating someone else's land — whether to beautify their neighborhoods, to bring their communities together, as a political gesture, or for basic subsistence.”

Being a person who has left the city I can completely appreciate how much more green stuff is around me, heck, that’s a big reason I left the city, so I could move on to greener pastures…wow, that was a really bad one! Quick! I will move on to my point: this book is a fantastic manifesto for those who are truly green, what better way to help save the earth than to treat it with a little natural loving? It’s all part of the design world, right?


emily said...

I heard about this on NPR, but didn't know about the books. Thanks hon!

Suzanne said...

great idea! I'll check it out.