Monday, July 21, 2008

Salsa BBQ

These are some shots from the Salsa BBQ at Martin Ray Winery this past weekend. When I first moved out here I worked in the Tasting Room there, so it is wonderful now to work with them styling events.

The simplest solutions are often the best ones. We experimented with glass cylinders full of fruit and low floral arrangements with cabbages and flowers but in the end liked green glass wine jugs as vases holding one friendly sunflower. The guests really enjoyed them, taking some of them home after the party.

There was a live salsa band, so we wanted a dynamic arrangement for the party. Picnic tables set with colorful bamboo place mats and party lanterns were placed right near the dance floor.

Closer to the Tasting Room we placed clusters of round dining tables with brightly colored cloths.
In addition to pouring bottles and bottles of Martin Ray and Angeline reds and whites, we offered tastes directly from the barrel of a reserve Cabernet that will not be bottled until next year.

It is against the law to have a winery event and not serve / decorate with grapes. ;)

Our hostess, Wendi, who runs the Tasting Room and Legacy Club, sets out snacks. It is hard to see, but we used lovely Indian table cloths for all the food tables.

Another shot of the tables.

Party goers before the dancing started.

Drinking wine does actually cause the heavens to shine beams of light on you.

Here I am with Wendi and Tiffany from Martin Ray Winery.

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tippytay said...

awesome blog on the winery! (except the worst picture of me out of the 280+ pictures that were taken; makes me want to go to the gym; ughhhhhhhhhhh)